Company formations in the UK

Basic Package

£15.99 + VAT

This package provides online company registration with Companies House and a full set of digital company documents will be sent to you electronically via e-mail as PDF documents. The package is ideal for those who want to form a limited company without any additional extras or reserve a company name. It includes all of the essentials that your company needs to start trading.

Included in all packages

  • Companies House Filing Fee
    Companies House charges a £12.00 filing fee for the incorporation of a new company. This fee is included in all of our packages and we pay it on your behalf.
  • We provide a choice of up to 8 business bank or payment institution accounts including ANNA, Barclays, Cashplus, CountingUp, Mettle and Tide, each of which has an easy online application process. 

    Our system will show you the banking options available for your business when you complete your company formation order. Simply select your preferred choice and we will pass your details to our banking partners to contact you or, in some cases, expedite the process on your behalf with the details that we hold for your company. Click here to learn more.

    This offer is available only for companies with directors and shareholders who are all residents within the UK. Non-residents of the UK should check the options available within our Packages for Non-Residents.

  • We have partnered with an accountancy firm who specialise in providing accounting services to new businesses. This accountancy firm will send you a welcome e-mail within 2 working days of your company being incorporated.

    You may then arrange a consultation with the firm, via Skype or telephone, which is free for the first 30 minutes. Alternatively, you may put questions to them by e-mail. The purpose of this initial consultation is to introduce you to their accountancy services and discuss your accounting and taxation concerns.

    Please note that you should negotiate your fees with the accountancy firm directly.

  • Online Client Portal
    This allows you to manage your existing companies and incorporate new ones without needing to re-enter the information.

Basic package includes

  • Digital Certificate of Incorporation
    Official document provided by Companies House which confirms the company name, number and date of incorporation.
  • Digital set of Memorandum & Articles of Association

    Your company will be formed with our standard articles of association relevant to your particular company type. They provide an easy-to-follow, flexible constitution that will suit the needs of most businesses.

    Those who want to upload their own memorandum and articles can do this during the application process. We charge an administration fee for this.

  • Digital Company Register
    All the statutory compliance that you need to keep by law. It includes the register of directors, register of members and more.
  • A share certificate is a document which certifies registered ownership of shares from a particular date. Key information on a share certificate includes:
    • Certificate number,
    • Company name and registration number,
    • Shareholder name and address,
    • Number of shares owned,
    • Class of shares,
    • Issue date of shares,
    • The nominal value of each share.
  • Digital Incorporation Minutes
    Minutes of your company's first board meeting, at which the initial resolutions for the company were passed.
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