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Registered Office Address in Kensington, London

£59 per year + VAT

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What is a Registered Office Address?

A registered office address is a company’s official address that is used for all correspondence from government agencies such as Companies House and HMRC. It is a mandatory legal requirement for all companies in the United Kingdom.

This address must be a physical postal address, not just a PO Box number. The company’s address will be placed on the public record and must be displayed on all company stationery and websites.

The registered office address does not have to be where the business actually operates. Still, it is essential to keep the registered address up-to-date with Companies House to remain valid.

Learn more: What is a Registered Office Address?

You may choose as a Registered Office Address either:

  • your home or trading address or:
  • to purchase our Registered Office Address service.

What You Get by Choosing Our Registered Office Address Service:

  • A prestigious registered office address for your business in Kensington, London W8.
  • Any official government post will be scanned and e-mailed to you free of charge.
  • Your home address will not be shown on the public record.
Company Registered Office Address in Kensington

Please note:

  1. This service is renewable on a 12 monthly basis at the prices quoted on this website.
  2. You cannot use our Registered Office as your Service Address. Each company director, secretary, shareholder and PSC (person with significant control) must provide a Service Address for display at Companies House’s public register. If you would like to use our address for this purpose, you must purchase a separate Service Address for each individual officer.
  3. The service covers using of our address for official government mail only. This address cannot be used for general business correspondence, for which you must also purchase our Business Postal Address Service.
    Official government post is classified as that from UK central government bodies (such as Companies House, HMRC, etc.) and courts.
  4. The forwarding of official government post by scanning and e-mailing is free. Should you wish such post to be forwarded physically then we charge the Royal Mail postal rates plus a 15% handling fee + VAT.
  5. This service can only be used for companies formed in England and Wales, as our company, Uniwide Formations, is registered and has its headquarters there. Companies incorporated in Scotland or Northern Ireland must have a registered office within their respective regions of the United Kingdom; thus, if a company is registered in Northern Ireland or Scotland, it cannot use an address in England and Wales.
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For New Co.:
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What is the difference? 

Registered Office Address

All UK companies are required by law to have an official registered office address which is available on public record. If you purchase this service from us, it will cover the use of our address for official government mail only (from Companies House, HMRC, Government Gateway etc.). 

Service Address

The company’s directors, secretaries, shareholders, PSCs (Persons with Significant Control) and LLP members must provide a Service Address. It is an official address for individuals which is available on public record. The purchase of this service from us will cover the use of our address for official government mail only (from Companies House, HMRC, Government Gateway etc.).

Business Postal Address

This service is not a legal requirement but may be needed if you wish to use our address to receive non-governmental general business post (from banks, suppliers, customers etc.). If you purchase this service from us, we will forward all of your general business post to an address of your choice; otherwise such correspondence will be returned to the sender.

Check the rules for company addresses on the government website

FAQs about Uniwide Formations' Address Services

Can I use your registered office or business postal address for VAT registration?

The short answer is NO; you cannot use our address services for VAT registration.

It is not permitted to use our address services, such as Registered Office or Business Postal Address, to register for Value Added Tax. When you register for VAT in the United Kingdom, you must disclose the actual location of your business.

It must be a physical residential or commercial address at which HMRC can access your company’s VAT records to verify their accuracy. Please get in touch with your accountant or HMRC for more information on “when to register” for VAT.

How frequently is post forwarded?

Your official government mail will be scanned and e-mailed to you on the day that we receive it.

We aim to post all general business mail to your chosen forwarding address on the day we receive it.

How do I renew my address services?

The annual renewal of your address service – or services – is automatic, relieving you of any concern.

Thirty days before the end date a reminder will be e-mailed to you. There is nothing you need to do, however, since the renewal fee will automatically be debited using the card details that we hold for you.

You may, however, choose to cancel any such renewal for any address service that you use. This may be done at any time through your account on our website.  Alternatively, you may get in touch, and we will cancel it for you as you instruct us.

Can I purchase your address services after the RP07 form has been filed against my company?

An RP07 form (Application to change a company's disputed registered office address) is filed with Companies House when an address is used as a company’s registered office address without any authority to do so. Once this has been filed, Companies House will remove the unpermitted address as a registered office and put their default Cardiff address in its place. Once filed, only a paper AD01 form can be used to update the registered office address.

In most cases, after the RP07 has been filed, you can purchase our address services, but we suggest that you contact our customer services team beforehand, who will advise you accordingly.

What is a virtual company address?

A virtual company address is an address that can be used for business purposes but is not a physical location. Virtual addresses can be used to register a company or manage correspondence. It can help give your business a more professional image and make it more convenient for customers and clients to reach you.

Uniwide Formations provides three types of virtual address services in London, described on this website in detail: Registered Office Address, Service Address for company officers, and Company Business Postal Address.

Frequently Asked Questions about Registered Office Address

Can I use my home address as a Registered Office Address?

The law allows the use of a director’s or member’s home address as the Registered Office Address of the company or partnership as long as it is within the UK.  A private residential address can therefore be used both as the legally registered office address of the company and as an address through which paper correspondence is received.

This means, however, that your home address will be shown on the public register at Companies House and will be freely and openly accessible to any third party.  For this reason, using one’s residential address is not appropriate for business owners or managers who need greater privacy or confidentiality.

Therefore, it is common practice to use a separate address as the company’s registered address. This may be provided to a business by a third party, e.g. a company formation agency, to ensure that the business owners’ and/or managers’ home addresses are not publicly accessible.

Can I change my registered office address?

Yes, you can change the address of your registered office at any time after setting up a company. Still, it must always remain in the same region or jurisdiction where the company is registered, i.e. England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

To change a registered office, the company directors need to approve the change. Companies House Form AD01 (for companies) or Form LLAD01 (for LLPs) must then be completed and delivered to Companies House. You can submit your changes free of charge via our Online Customer Portal.

I am currently renting my home; can I use this address as my company's registered office?

Yes, you can use this address for your company's registered office. But, if you rent your home, you might need permission from your landlord, housing provider, or local authority first.

You should check your tenancy agreement to ensure that having a registered office at the property does not violate its terms and conditions.

How can I update my Registered Office without the WebFiling Authentication Code?

If you need to update your Registered Office address but do not have the WebFiling Authentication Code, you can request a new code from Companies House. This code is essential for updating company details online. Alternatively, you can submit the change of address using paper form AD01 for a limited company or form LLAD01 for an LLP, which can be sent by post to Companies House.

Other ways to buy a London Registered Office Address

For an existing company

If you are an existing customer who formed your company through Uniwide Formations then you should sign in your account. If you are a new customer then you will first need to create an account on our website and then import your company.

What to do next:

  1. Log in to our online portal or Register if you are a new customer. 
  2. Import a company using your company number and authentication code, or choose a specific company from your list of companies if you have already registered them through us, and open that company’s details. 
  3. For Address Services, go to the "Services" tab.
    For Bank Accounts, go to the "Getting Started" tab.
    For Other services, go to the “Shop” tab.
  4. Choose any other products that are relevant or desired and add them to your cart.
  5. Click “View Cart” and proceed with payment. If applicable, we will notify Companies House of the changes.

For a new company

Add this to your formation package.

Once you have chosen your company name and package you will be presented with a list of available services, including address services, bank accounts and other products.

Simply select the options needed and proceed to the checkout.

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