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Service Address for Company Officers

£19 per year + VAT

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What is a Service Address?

Apart from a company or partnership’s Registered Office Address, its directors, shareholders, secretaries and PSCs (Persons with Significant Control) and LLP members must provide Companies House also with their correspondence address, which is also known as a Service Address.

It will be used for these company officers and members to receive statutory mail and legal documents from official UK government agencies, including Companies House and HMRC.

Such a Service Address may be the same as the Registered Office Address, or it may be different. If the Service Address is different then it does not need to be located in the United Kingdom.

A Service Address can be a residential or commercial address, but cannot be a PO Box number. Like a Registered Office Address, a Service Address will always appear on the public register at Companies House.

When used specifically by a company director, such a service address is often known also as a director's service address.

Why do I need to provide a Service Address?

It is a legal requirement for all UK companies to have a Service Address on record for each company officer, member and PSC. The service address must be provided when incorporating a company, and it can be changed afterwards.

Please be aware that those individuals must also provide Companies House with their actual private residential addresses. Unlike the service address, this will remain confidential and will not be available on public record.

Service Addresses must be used for as long as the company officer or member remains in their role. If you move or change your registered office address, you must still have a Service Address.

A service address is an important part of a company or LLP's public record. This means that the service address must be kept up to date at all times.

If you want to protect the privacy of home addresses of your company officers, members and PSCs, then you can buy a Service Address from us. We will then receive all the governmental paper correspondence addressed to your company managers or owners and forward it to you.

What you get:

  • Any official government mail will be scanned and e-mailed to you free of charge.
  • Your privacy is protected as your home or business address will not be shown on the public register.

Please note:

  1. This service is renewable on a 12 monthly basis at the prices quoted on this website.
  2. This service entitles 1 (one) person who is a company officer or member to use the address. If you require the service for more than one person, simply purchase this service for each person. If you wish to use the service for an appointment in multiple companies, it should be purchased for use in each company.
  3. The Service Address option covers the use of our address only for official government mail. This service cannot be used for general business correspondence, for which you should purchase also our Business Postal Address Service.
  4. The forwarding of official government post by scanning and e-mailing is free. Should you wish such post to be forwarded physically then we charge the Royal Mail postal rates plus a 15% handling fee (£1.49 + VAT minimum charge).
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What is the difference? 

Registered Office Address

All UK companies are required by law to have an official registered office address which is available on public record. If you purchase this service from us, it will cover the use of our address for official government mail only (from Companies House, HMRC, Government Gateway etc.). 

Service Address

The company’s directors, secretaries, shareholders, PSCs (Persons with Significant Control) and LLP members must provide a Service Address. It is an official address for individuals which is available on public record. The purchase of this service from us will cover the use of our address for official government mail only (from Companies House, HMRC, Government Gateway etc.).

Business Postal Address

This service is not a legal requirement but may be needed if you wish to use our address to receive non-governmental general business post (from banks, suppliers, customers etc.). If you purchase this service from us, we will forward all of your general business post to an address of your choice; otherwise such correspondence will be returned to the sender.

Check the rules for company addresses on the government website

Other ways to buy a Service Address:

For an existing company

If you are an existing customer who formed your company through Uniwide Formations then you should sign in your account. If you are a new customer then you will first need to create an account on our website and then import your company.

What to do next:

  1. Log in to our online portal or Register if you are a new customer. 
  2. Import a company using your company number and authentication code, or choose a specific company from your list of companies if you have already registered them through us, and open that company’s details. 
  3. For Address Services, go to the "Services" tab.
    For Bank Accounts, go to the "Getting Started" tab.
    For Other services, go to the “Shop” tab.
  4. Choose any other products that are relevant or desired and add them to your cart.
  5. Click “View Cart” and proceed with payment. If applicable, we will notify Companies House of the changes.

For a new company

Add this to your formation package.

Once you have chosen your company name and package you will be presented with a list of available services, including address services, bank accounts and other products.

Simply select the options needed and proceed to the checkout.