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Changing your Company Name

£29 + VAT

You can change the name of your limited company at any time after incorporation. We provide an online service for this. The change of name should take place within 48 hours of its submission to Companies House, although exactly how long depends upon the Registrar's workload. 

Special resolution

A company may change its name by passing a special resolution, either at a general meeting or by a written resolution. Alternatively, if there is another means provided in the company’s articles of association, the company may choose to change its name using that method instead. For most private companies a written resolution is an easier alternative to calling a general meeting.

Link to resolution template:

At least 75% of the eligible members of the company must agree to the special resolution to change the company’s registered name before it can be passed. The written resolution can be circulated to the shareholders electronically.

Following the passing of the resolution, the company will need to file the appropriate form with Companies House and pay the relevant fee. Form NM01 is the correct form for a change of name by resolution with no conditional requirements.

Our platform provides an online tool to file a company name change to the Registrar. It includes the filing fee for Companies House. 

How it works:

  1. Register or Log into your account on our website.

  2. Import your company by providing the registration number and authentication code. 
    If you registered your company on our website, then find your company and go to your “Company overview” tab.

  3. Click the “Edit” button next to your company name.

  4. Fill in all the requested fields and follow the instructions on our system. When choosing “Change method” choose “Resolution” unless you have special circumstances.

  5. Click “View cart” and proceed with payment and checkout. 

  6. Once you have paid and checked out we will submit your order to Companies House.

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Would you rather order by phone?

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