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ID Requirements to Register a Company

If you would like to form a company or use our registered office address and other services then we must undertake proper measures to identify our customers. As a company formation agent we must follow Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations and “Know Your Customer” (KYC) requirements and obtain proof of our customers’ identities and addresses.

If you are a UK resident then we will perform a digital check of your ID and address using the information that you have provided in your company order form. In 90% of cases our customers pass our digital ID checks successfully. Even if you do not immediately pass our digital checks we can nearly always resolve the matter for you by other means.

If you are not eligible for our digital ID check or do not pass our digital ID check, we will send you by e-mail a special request that you provide the necessary information and documents. This mostly applies to non-UK residents.

Who needs to provide identification?

Identification and proof of address should be provided by:

  • An account holder (the person who is actually registering the company);
  • Company directors;
  • PSCs (persons with significant control).

There are 2 ways to complete our ID verifications checks.

Option 1. Identification via CREDAS using your smartphone. 

CREDAS is a mobile App that allows us to check digitally and verify your proof of ID in just 5 minutes. In a small number of cases where checks are more expensive to carry out, we may ask you to pay £7 + VAT to complete your ID verification via the App.

How it works:

  1. We will send you an invitation by e-mail or SMS with simple instructions on how to use the App. 
  2. Please complete all verification steps as requested by the App.
  3. In addition to ID verification via the Credas App you will need to e-mail us the scanned copy of your Proof of Address.

For how to use the CREDAS App please see the User Guide.

Option 2. Provision of documents. 

If you are experiencing problems with fulfilling the online ID verification precedure you may provide us with duly certified copies of the original documents:

  1. Your Proof of ID.
  2. Your Proof of Address.
Certification procedures

Your proof of ID and proof of address documents must be certified by one of the following institutions or persons or who is neither a friend nor a relative:

1. UK or EU Residents

2. Non-UK or EU Residents

We will require your proof of ID and address to be certified by a Notary Public.

Specific wording for certification of documents

Each certified document must have the following statement written on it: "Certified as a true and accurate representation of the original seen by me" (the word "me" refering to the person who certifies the document).

This certification of and upon the documentation must be dated by the certifying person who must also print their name, address and occupation on the documents and apply their handwritten signature.

Certified documents may be supplied via e-mail or post.

Document types explained

Proof of ID

At least one of the following documents, which must be current and valid:

  • Passport.
  • Driving licence. Only UK photocard-type licences are accepted, not paper licences.
  • National identity card.
  • HM Forces identity card.
  • Student Card.
  • Employment identification card.
  • Disabled driver’s blue pass.

Proof of address

At least one of the following documents, which must show your name and your address and be dated within the three months before our receipt of them:

  • Notice of Tax Coding from HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs).
  • Telephone Bill. This must be for your landline telephone, not a mobile.
  • Gas bill.
  • Electricity bill.
  • Water bill.
  • Mortgage statement.
  • Council tax bill.
  • Bank statement.
  • TV licence.

All documents should either be in English or else accompanied by an English translation by an Official Sworn Translator.

Failure to send the necessary documents

If you are not eligible for our digital ID check, or you do not pass our digital ID check, then we cannot proceed with your order unless you supply the requested documents and information.

We would therefore appreciate it if you could respond to our compliance request (if any) at your earliest convenience.

Would you rather order by telephone?

Would you rather order by phone?

Just call our team who will be very happy to help you complete the order by telephone!

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