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Easy Company Formation

Begin your company formation here. Register a company in the UK and open a business bank account today – quick, easy and secure.

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Company Formation in the UK
Companies House Authorised

Companies House Authorised

We are a fully authorised company formation agent, securely connected to Companies House.

Company Formations Portal

Company Formations Portal

Use our free portal to maintain and manage your companies online.

Free Company Formation Support

Supportive Team

Our helpful customer service team is here for you, available via phone and live chat.

Free Business Banking

Free Business Banking

Choose from up to 8 business banks, such as Barclays, Cashplus, CountingUp, Mettle, and more.

Choose the Right Company Formation Package

Welcome to Uniwide Formations, your premier UK company formation agency! Our friendly team makes company setup easy. In addition, we provide expert advice, valuable resources, and tools for a smooth start.


£59 + VAT

  • Private Limited Company
  • Digital Company Documents
  • Choice of Banks


£69 + VAT

  • Private Limited Company
  • Digital Company Documents
  • Choice of Banks

For anyone, including accountants and solicitors, helping someone else to register a company.


£99 + VAT

  • Private Limited Company
  • Digital Company Documents
  • Choice of Banks
  • London Registered Office Address
  • Service Address
Smart Deal


£129 + VAT

  • Private Limited Company
  • Digital & Printed Company Documents
  • Choice of Banks
  • London Registered Office Address
  • Service Address
  • VAT Registration


£199 + VAT

  • Private Limited Company
  • Digital & Printed Company Documents
  • Choice of Banks
  • London Registered Office Address
  • Service Address
  • VAT Registration
  • Business Postal Address
Not based in the UK? Try our Non-Resident Company Registration Package.

What All Our Company Registration Packages Include

Companies House Registration Fee
Companies House £50 filing fee, which we pay on your behalf
Business bank account
Business bank account from one of our partners
Introduction to an accountant
Introduction to an accountant to help with your taxes
Domain names
FREE .co.uk Domain and Other Great Deals

Set Up a Company in 4 Simple Steps

Forming a limited company in the UK is 100% online, with no paperwork or signatures required. Simply complete our incorporation order form to set up your company.

Choose a Company Name 1

Company Name

Search for your company name to check its availability for registration.

Select a Company Formation Package 2

Choose a Package

Select the package and add the address option if needed.

Checkout and Pay 3

Checkout and Pay

Proceed to the checkout and add any additional services if required.

Company Registration Details 4

Company Details

Submit your company details, directors and shareholders.

Which Company Types Can Be Registered in the UK?

When starting a business in the UK, choosing the right structure is vital. We assist with limited company formations, registration of Limited Liability Partnerships, and Companies Limited by Guarantee. Each option has pros and cons.

Company Limited by Shares
Sole Trader

A sole trader is an individual selling goods or services, such as a market-stall holder, who owns and manages the business alone and carries unlimited liability for all aspects of the business.


  • No registration needed to start trading, but must register as self-employed with HMRC (if earnings exceed £1,000).
  • Complete control and decision-making authority.
  • All profits belong exclusively to the sole trader.
  • Very simple to set up.


  • Unlimited liability for debts, potentially affecting personal assets.
  • More challenging to raise finance as cannot issue shares.
  • Lacks the status and credibility of a registered company.
Company Limited by Shares
Company Limited by Shares (Ltd)

A company limited by shares is an entity in which the business is owned through shares and operated by at least one director and one shareholder who may be the same person.


  • Separate legal entity, protecting personal assets of the directors and shareholders.
  • Shareholders have limited liability, exposing them only to the amount invested.
  • Can raise capital through the sale of shares.
  • Enhanced professional status and credibility.
  • Very simple to set up.


This type of company represents over 93% of all UK corporate structures.

Company Limited by Shares
Company Limited by Guarantee

A company limited by guarantee involves members, not shareholders, and liabilities are limited to amounts which members agree to contribute. Typically used by clubs, societies and non-profit organisations.


  • Members' liability is limited to the amount that they agree to contribute.
  • Suitable for non-profits, charities and clubs, where raising capital through shares is not ideal.


  • Required to register with Companies House.
  • Public disclosure of financial and company details.
  • Obligations to file annual accounts and other statutory documents.
  • More complicated to set up than a company limited by shares, requiring detailed attention to the Articles of Association.
Company Limited by Shares
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

An LLP is a partnership structure in which two or more partners have limited liability, meaning they are not personally liable for the financial obligations of the partnership beyond their contributions.


  • Separate legal personality, protecting partners' personal assets against business debts.
  • Flexibility in management and the distribution of profits.
  • No corporation tax: Partners are taxed individually.
  • Suitable for professional services firms with multiple owners.


  • Must register with Companies House.
  • Public filing of accounts and financial details.
  • Potentially less credible than a Limited Co. in certain industries.
  • Cannot issue shares to raise capital, limiting growth potential.

Benefits of Our Professional Company Registration Services

Choose Uniwide Formations for easy UK limited company registration. We are a company formation agent that you can trust. Our products and services give you more benefits than if you went to Companies House directly.

Expert Help with Company Setup

Expert Help with Company Setup

If you need help with your company formation, our team is ready to assist.

Indeed, we can guide you in choosing the right business type, picking a company name, selecting a SIC code, and more.

Company formation application review

Pre-submission Review for Effortless Company Formation

Our team can check your company formation application for mistakes and fix them. This will make it more likely that Companies House will accept it.

It reduces the chance of your incorporation form getting rejected.

Formation of a company with multiple share classes

Multiple Share Classes

Create a limited company with different classes of shares, each with various rights.

For instance, you could have shares that give the holder the right to vote at shareholders’ meetings and shares that do not.

Fast company incorporation

Fast Company Incorporation Services

Submit an order, and we will give you a Certificate of Incorporation and a Company Registration Number within 3 to 24 hours.

Moreover, thanks to our electronic company registration technology, we can offer you the quickest service possible.

An Easy Way to Open a Business Bank Account

Pick a free bank account or additional perks from our partners. Select any of the offered banking choices when ordering your company formation.

Barclays business bank account
Revolut business account
Mettle business banking
Tide - Smart Business Account
Cashplus current account for your business
ContingUp bank account
Anna free business banking for your business

Frequently Asked Questions About UK Company Formation

How Long Does It Take to Register a New Company?

Companies House is open from 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday. It usually takes 3 to 6 hours for them to form your company, but it could take longer if they are busy.

If you need your company incorporated quickly, add the Same Day Service option at checkout. This service is subject to Companies House availability. Make sure to finish your application before 1:30pm from Monday to Friday.

What Information Do I Need to Form My Company?

In order to set up a new company, you must provide:

  1. Company name. Use our company name checker to make sure that the name you want is not already taken by someone else.
  2. Company address. It could be your home or trading address. If you do not have one, do not worry - some of our company formation packages come with a registered office address service
  3. Personal details for directors, shareholders, and PSCs (People with Significant Control). This includes residential address, date of birth, and nationality.

Lastly, for more information, please visit the Required Information page.

What Documents Do I Get When My Company Is Formed?

After forming your company, you will receive digital copies of:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Company Register
  • Share Certificates
  • Minutes of the First Board Meeting

Depending on the registration package you pick, you might also get printed company formation documents and extra papers.

Do I Need Proof of ID for Company Formation?

As a UK company formation agent, we follow “Know Your Customer” (KYC) rules and, consequently, need proof of identity and address for our customers.

If you live in the UK and open a limited company, we will use the details from your order form to check your ID and address. Most of our customers (90%) pass our digital ID checks.

However, if you cannot use our digital ID check or do not pass it, we will email you a request for the required information and documents. For more details, you can check our ID requirements.

Can a Limited Company Be Formed by Just One Person?

Yes, a single person can set up a limited company online. In this case, that individual would serve as the sole director, shareholder, and person with significant control (PSC) of the company.

How Many Limited Companies Can I Own?

You can own as many private limited companies as you want. You can be a director or a shareholder in all of them. However, when applying for a bank loan or bidding for a contract, you might need to tell people about other companies that you own.

And, if you are a company director, you must ensure that you comply with your fiduciary duties to each company. So, while there is no legal limit to forming multiple limited companies, it is important to consider the practical implications before starting or investing in multiple businesses.

What Is the Minimum Share Capital for Incorporating a Company?

In the UK, the smallest amount of share capital needed to create a limited company is £1. Companies House requires a company to be registered with at least one share, worth at least £1. This is the minimum share capital needed to start and run a private limited company.

What Are the Annual Filing Requirements for a Limited Company?

There are some things that a limited company must do every year. Indeed, these steps are crucial for staying compliant with regulatory authorities and maintaining good financial health:

  • File a confirmation statement;
  • Submit annual financial accounts;
  • Complete a Corporation Tax Return.

How Much Does It Cost to Set Up a Limited Company?

The cost of setting up a limited company can vary based on your specific needs. For example, our Basic package is our most affordable option and includes the Companies House filing fee.

You might also need additional services like a registered office address or VAT registration. We offer other company registration packages that include these services and more, giving you added value.

Who Is a Company Director?

Company directors are the people responsible for the day-to-day running of a company. Anyone who is above the age of 16 may be a company director. However, if the company breaks the law, directors may be held accountable.

The powers and responsibilities of a director are outlined in the company‘s Articles of Association. Often, the same person can be both a shareholder and a company director.

Get a Prestigious Registered Office Address in Kensington, London

If you are looking for a professional image for your company, consider using our prestigious address at an affordable price. Our address services can be used when starting a new company. Existing companies can also use them to keep your personal address private and off public records.

London Registered Office Address

Registered Office Address

A prestigious office address for your business in Kensington, London W8. Additionally, any official government post will be scanned and e-mailed to you free of charge.

Service Address

Service Address

Required for directors, shareholders, secretaries, PSCs (Persons with Significant Control), and LLP members. Importantly, your home address will not be shown on the public record.

Business Postal Address

Business Postal Address

You may use our address as your company‘s general business contact address and we will forward your mail to you as soon as we receive it.

Your One-Stop Company Formation Provider

Ongoing business and company secretarial services

Uniwide Formations is here to offer comprehensive company formation support for your business. Once your company is formed, we provide corporate and ongoing secretarial services, making sure your company remains compliant with constantly changing regulations.

Company Confirmation Statement

Confirmation Statement

Every UK company must file an annual Confirmation Statement. Hence, we offer a fast and reliable Confirmation Statement Service that will take the hassle out of this vital task.

Learn More
Dormant Company Accounts

Dormant Company Accounts

If your company is inactive, you must file dormant accounts to keep the company compliant. Therefore, save time and money by using our service, and we will take care of all the paperwork.

Learn More
Director Appointment and Resignation

Director Appointment and Resignation

With our easy and cost-effective service, you can take the stress out of appointing or resigning a company director. Indeed, you can rely on our experience and expertise to make the process as straightforward as possible.

Learn More
Issue and Transfer of Shares

Issue and Transfer of Shares

We offer an efficient service for the transfer and issue of shares. Additionally, we can help you with your limited company‘s share-related needs and Companies House filing requirements.

Learn More
Change of Company Name

Company Name Change

A company name change is vital to any business transformation process. Our expert team provides tailored advice for businesses looking to change their company name, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Learn More
Company Dissolution

Company Dissolution

We offer a fast and secure way to close down your company. Furthermore, our company dissolution services are easy to follow, ensuring a seamless process for our customers.

Learn More

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If you are setting up a limited company, these videos are for you. Specifically, they will take you through everything that is needed to incorporate your business in just a few minutes.

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