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Limited Company Formation
Companies House Authorised
Companies House Authorised

We are a fully authorised formation agent that is recognised by, and securely integrated with, Companies House.

Online Customer Portal
Online Customer Portal

Our free online company administration portal allows you to maintain and manage your companies.

Free support
Free support

Free phone and live chat support. Our friendly customer service representatives are here to assist you.

Business Banking
Free Business Banking

A choice of up to 8 business banks including Barclays, Cashplus, CountingUp, Mettle etc.

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All formation packages include:
Companies house £12.00 filing fee that we pay on your behalf
Business bank account from one of our partners
Introduction to an accountant to help with your taxes
Domain names and web hosting discounts


£15.99 + VAT

  • Private Limited Company
  • Digital Company Documents


£69 + VAT

  • Private Limited Company
  • Digital Company Documents
  • London Registered Office Address
  • Service Address


£89 + VAT

  • Private Limited Company
  • Digital & Printed Company Documents
  • London Registered Office Address
  • Service Address
  • VAT Registration


£179 + VAT

  • Private Limited Company
  • Digital & Printed Company Documents
  • London Registered Office Address
  • Service Address
  • VAT Registration
  • Business Address and Mail Forwarding

We make company formation easy

Complete our online form and we can issue your Certificate of Incorporation and Company Registration Number from within 3 to 24 hours.

Our electronic company registration technology means that we offer the fastest possible service. The company formation in the UK is 100% online, without any paperwork or signatures. Our system even checks for errors in your application when you complete it.


Company Name

Search for your company name to see whether it is available for registration.


Choose a Package

Select the package and add the address option if needed.


Checkout and Pay

Proceed to the checkout and additional services if needed.


Company Details

Submit your company details, directors and shareholders.

Here are more advantages of using our company registration service

If you want to register a company in the UK, it is a good idea to use a company formation agent like us. We can help you set up your business correctly from the start. Company formation agents offer many services that you would not get if you went directly to Companies House.

Expert guidance

If you have any questions about incorporating your company, our team will be more than happy to answer them.

We can assist you in deciding which kind of business is correct for you, as well as advise you on choosing a company name.

Pre-submission review

Our team may review your company application for any typos and errors to make sure that Companies House accepts it.

This will significantly reduce the chances that your company will be rejected by Companies House.

Multiple share classes

Create a company with different classes of shares, each with different rights.

For example, you could have shares that give the holder the right to vote at shareholders’ meetings and shares that do not.

Ongoing secretarial services

We offer an extensive range of business services to keep your company compliant with current legislation, such as filing confirmation statements, dormant company accounts, company dissolution, share issues and transfers, and many others.

An easy way to open a business bank account

Select your free bank account or other benefits from one of our partners.
You may choose from whichever of the banking options is available when you place your order to form your company.

Use our prestigious address in Kensington, London

If you are looking for a professional image for your company, consider using a London virtual office address services. This will give you a prestigious address at an affordable price. You can also use our address services to keep your personal information confidential and off public records.

London Registered Office Address
Registered Office Address

A prestigious office address for your business in Kensington, London W8. Any official government post will be scanned and emailed to you free of charge.

Service Address
Service Address

Must be provided by directors, shareholders, secretaries, PSCs (Persons with Significant Control) and LLP members. Your home address will not be shown on the public record.

Business Address
Business Address

You may use our address as the general business contact address for your company and we will forward your mail to you as soon as we receive it.

Choose a business type that is right for you

If you are starting a business in the UK, it is important to choose the right company type. There are different types of companies, and each one has its benefits and drawbacks. You need to decide which type of company is best for you.

Private Company Limited by Shares

This is the most popular form of business in the United Kingdom, which is often known as a "limited company".

This is a good choice for freelancers and contractors who wish to start their own enterprises, as well as established businesses seeking to expand.

A company is owned by shareholders who have certain rights and must choose directors to handle day-to-day operations on their behalf.

Private Company Limited by Guarantee

This type of company is often used by clubs, societies, and charities. It is quite similar to a typical limited company, with the exception that it has no share capital and shareholders.

Instead, the company is owned by guarantors who agree to contribute a nominal amount of money in the event of the company being wound up. This type of company must have at least one director and one guarantor.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

A Limited Liability Partnership, or LLP, is a type of business in which the partners share the profits and losses. But each partner is only responsible for their own debts and obligations, not for any other partner's wrongdoings.

This type of legal entity is often used by professional groups such as lawyers, accountants, and doctors, because they offer flexibility and personal asset protection for the partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Companies House normally registers companies between 9.00am and 5.30pm from Monday to Friday. Your company will usually be formed within 3 to 6 working hours, but this timescale may be subject to change depending on the workload at Companies House.

If you need your company to be incorporated as soon as possible, we suggest adding the additional Same Day Service to your order on the checkout page. This service is subject to availability from Companies House. Please note that Same-Day Applications must be submitted before 1.30pm Monday - Friday.

Most people require a standard limited company since this is suitable for nearly all types of trading. We will be happy to tell you more about the advantages and disadvantages of a private limited company.

A limited company is a form of business legally separate from its shareholders and directors. Even if a limited company has just one person as its shareholder and director it remains a legal entity separate and distinct from that person. The company can enter into contracts, and can also be sued, in its own right.

The company owners are protected by “limited liability”, hence it is a “limited” company. Apart from a case of fraud or other serious wrongdoing, the owners are liable for the debts of the business only up to the value of their original investment in it.

Three main types of limited company in the UK are a private company limited by shares, a private company limited by guarantee and a public limited company.

When deciding whether to operate as a sole trader or limited company, there are a few key things to consider, such as tax, liability and control.

Sole traders are self-employed individuals who run their businesses in their own name. This means that they are personally liable for any debts or losses incurred by the business. However, sole traders also have more control over their businesses than limited company directors. They can make all the decisions about how the business is run, without having to consult with anyone else.

Limited companies are legal entities in their own right, separate from the people who own and run them. This means that the directors of a limited company are not personally liable for the debts of the business. However, limited companies do have to adhere to certain rules and regulations, and the directors may not have as much control over the business as a sole trader.

Read more about it in our article: "Self-employed or limited company?"

All UK companies are required by law to have a registered office address, which is the official address for all correspondence from government agencies such as Companies House and HMRC.

This address must be a physical postal address, not just a PO Box number. The company's address will be placed on public record and must be displayed on all company stationery and websites.

You may choose as a Registered Office Address either:

Yes, you can do this under certain conditions. As a company formation agent we must follow “Know Your Customer” (KYC) requirements and identify our customers and obtain proof of their identities and addresses.

If you register a company for someone else, identification should be provided by an account holder (the person who is actually registering the company) and by the company’s directors and PSCs (persons with significant control). For more information, see our ID requirements.

Special rules apply to “regulated” customersi.e. solicitors, accountants, etc., who can easily register companies for third parties, i.e. their own customers, using our platform.

If you are a person or organisation which is supervised by a relevant authority, or is a member of a relevant professional body, then you or your organisation will be subject to the UK AML requirements and we will rely on you to undertake the necessary checks. 

Just choose one of our company formation packages and proceed to set up your new company.

To register your new company, you must provide the following information:

1. The name of the company. You may use our company name checker to see whether your business name is available.

2. Your company's address, which can be your home or trading address. If you do not already have one, do not worry - most of our company formation packages include a registered office address service.

3. Personal information directors, shareholders and PSCs of your company, such as a residential address, date of birth and nationality.

For further information please read our article “Seven Things to Decide Before You Set Up a Limited Company” and visit the Required Information page.

As a UK company formation agent we must follow “Know Your Customer” (KYC) requirements and obtain our customers’ proof of identity and address.

If you are a UK resident then we will perform a digital check of your ID and address using the information that you have provided in your company order form. In 90% of cases our customers successfully pass our digital ID checks.

If you are not eligible for our digital ID check, or you do not pass our digital ID check, then we will send you by e-mail a special request that you provide the necessary information and documents. For more information, please see our ID requirements.

Company directors are the people responsible for the day-to-day running of a company. Anyone who is above the age of 16 may be a company director. If the company breaks the law then you may be held accountable as a director.

The powers and responsibilities of a director are defined in the company's Articles of Association. Usually, the same person can be both a shareholder and a company director.

Shareholders are the owners of a company. They own shares in the company which entitle them to receive a percentage of its profits. Most shareholders also have a say in important company issues, such as the appointment of new directors.

A company shareholder can be a person, a group of people, a partnership, another company or any other kind of legal entity or corporate body.

A Person with Significant Control (PSC) is someone who has significant ownership and/or control of a company. They are sometimes called “beneficial owners”. A PSC is anyone who:

  • owns more than 25% of the company’s shares.
  • holds more than 25% of the company’s voting rights.
  • holds the right to appoint or remove the majority of directors.
  • holds the right to exercise, or actually exercises, significant influence or control.
  • holds the right to exercise, or actually exercises, significant control over a trust or company that meets at least one of the first four conditions above.

UK companies must identify their PSCs and tell Companies House who they are. If you ultimately control more than 25% of the company or you are a shareholder with more than 25% of the company's shares then you are a Person with Significant Control (PSC).

Ready to Start a Business?

We know that the question “How to set up a business in the UK” may seem daunting, but that is why we are here for you every step of the way. We provide registration services to various people, from beginners who have never started a business before, to professionals, such as accountants and solicitors for whom registering a business is a regular occurrence.

We offer not only UK limited company formations but also registration services for Limited Liability Partnerships and Companies Limited by Guarantee. In addition, we can provide a wide range of company secretarial services to make sure your business is run smoothly and efficiently. If you decide to start your company with Uniwide Formations, you will have access to additional services like VAT and PAYE registration, which are particularly helpful for small businesses.

Join the thousands who have already set up their companies through us. If you need advice on how to start a business in the United Kingdom, or help with any aspect of running your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We have a team of experts who are on hand to offer help and guidance.

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