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Guaranteed Same Day Company Formation

£99 + VAT

Our Guaranteed Same Day Service can be added to your company formation order if you require your company to be registered before the end of the current business day. It may be used for the incorporation of a limited company, whether it is a company limited by shares, limited by guarantee, or a limited liability partnership (LLP).

Same Day Criteria

To guarantee that your company is formed on the same day you must ensure the following:

  • Your order is placed on a normal working day in the UK, i.e. Monday to Friday.
  • Your order is submitted before our Same Day cut-off time of 1:30 pm UK time.
  • You pass our identity verification checks.

We cannot provide the Same Day registration service unless we have been supplied with all of the information needed by the cut-off time. Should you miss this deadline then we can refund the charge for this service upon request.

Our Same Day service guarantees that we will get your application to Companies House in time for them to process your company application that same day. In order for your company to be registered, however, there must not be any errors or mistakes in your application. If Companies House process your application that day but reject it because of any errors or mistakes, and therefore cannot register your company, this will still count as the application being processed on that same day.

If you include a “Pre-Submission Review” in your order, however, then we will review your application in order to correct any errors before it is processed by Companies House.

We recommend that you speak with us before – or immediately after – you submit your application. 

How it Works

  1. Once you have chosen an incorporation package you will be shown a list of services, including “Same Day Company Formation”. Just add this option to your order and proceed to the checkout.
  2. Then complete your company formation application online. Once you have finished this your order will go to the top of our queue for immediate review. We will complete our identity verification checks then check through your application and, if we have any queries, we will contact you as soon as we can.
  3. All orders properly submitted to Companies House using this service are guaranteed to be processed that same working day.

Identity Verification Checks

Since our firm is regulated under anti-money laundering legislation (AML), as are all company formation agents in the UK, we must conduct due diligence checks on our clients, including verification of their identities. If you are resident within the UK then we will first try to confirm your identity (ID) electronically. Provided that this works then we will need no more information from you. 

If the electronic checks are unsuccessful, however, then we will simply ask you to provide the relevant information and documentation so that we can conduct checks on your identity by those means. Please see our ID requirements for further information.

Because we cannot submit an application to form a company until our AML checks are successful, we cannot guarantee the formation of your company on the same day if you have not passed these checks.

Late Submission of Same Day Applications

If a same day application is sent to Companies House after the cut-off deadline, so that they are unable to complete the incorporation of the company by 5.30 pm, then it will be placed high on their processing priority list at the next available opportunity, which is usually early the next working day.

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