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Online Customer Portal

Our Online Company Portal gives you an easy-to-use Customer Dashboard, allowing you simple and straightforward access to a range of services and facilities that we provide so that you can easily manage your companies online.

What you can do in the customer portal:

  • Form a New Company. Save time when forming new companies by using previously saved information to complete your online company order.
  • Import a Company. Import into our system a company that has already been incorporated so that, through our system, you can then update its details and file changes at Companies House and also purchase our various services, including a Registered Office, Service or Business Postal Address.
  • List of Your Companies. View online, at any time, full details of your companies including Company Registration Numbers and Authentication Codes.
  • Manage Your Companies. Update and file at Companies House, with only a few checks, Confirmation Statements and changes to the company, e.g. to its directors, accounting dates and company addresses.
  • Receive Reminders. Be reminded about important filing dates, including the confirmation statement and company accounts, helping you to avoid penalties.
  • Documents. View, download or print your digital company incorporation documents, wherever you may be.
  • The Shop. Purchase from our online Shop over 35 company products and services that are designed to help you manage your company and to ensure that you remain compliant with relevant legislation.
  • Business Banking. Find out what offers are available from our banking partners and apply for a new business bank account in the name of your new or existing company.

Even if you are not an existing customer of Uniwide Formations you can still access the Customer Portal and import your existing companies to let you manage them online, all for free!

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