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Cookie Policy

This Website for UNIWIDE FORMATIONS LTD makes use of things which are known as “cookies”. Your use of our Website implies that you agree to this, although you are also free to disable these cookies and yet still then read and make use of our Website. These cookies do not extract any private information about you or any data from or about your PC, lap-top or ‘phone. The only private information that we may acquire is that which you decide to pass to us.

A. Cookies: Definition

A “cookie” is just a kind of small and simple text file. Practically every website uses cookies to identify, recognise and remember each visitor to that website and to note that user’s actions while viewing and/or using it. These “cookie” files hold only a few details. The web server for the website places these cookies on the device through which the website is accessed by the user and they stay there until they are either deliberately deleted or else they expire or “die” of their own accord. They save time through informing the web server that the user in question has come back to a particular part or page of the website.

B. Cookies: Functions

Cookies enable the standard of interactivity that users of the internet find very useful. Browsers use them to do various things, for example:

  1. Keeping track of a user’s visits to a particular website and/or web page.
  2. Remembering a user’s name/s and password/s.
  3. Keeping a user logged into a website when web pages are re-opened.
  4. Retrieving addresses for billing and/or shipping.
  5. Remembering credit and debit card information.
  6. Remembering items in a user’s online shopping basket that are as yet unpurchased.
  7. Improving products, services and communications.
  8. Showing advertisements that a user may find suitable and helpful.
  9. Developing and marketing products and services that a user may find suitable and helpful.
  10. Gauging the impact and/or success of searches and advertisements.
  11. Optimizing websites and making them easier to navigate.
  12. Keeping a tally of sales.
  13. Analysing trends and user behaviour.

C. Cookies: Types we use

  1. For the purposes laid out in this cookie policy our Website uses a number of third-party cookies such as – but not confined to – Yandex Metrika and Google Analytics. These cookies are not, however, intrinsic to our Website’s provision to you of our products and services. You can also disable them through the privacy settings on your browser.
  2. The only kinds of cookies used by our Website are those which gather anonymous data about:
  1. whether visitors arrive on our Website directly or through another website,
  2. how they use it,
  3. for how long they view each page,
  4. which pages they frequent most often,
  5. how many of them click on links and whether these are internal or for third parties,
  6. the number of sales achieved via each page.

The International Chamber of Commerce (UK) defines these as “performance cookies”.

  1. All of the information and data that is gathered by these cookies is only of the nature described in 2, above. It is also aggregated and so, as already mentioned, is anonymous i.e. none of it is associated with any particular user of our Website and neither can any individual even be identified by it. These cookies simply enable the analysis and improvement of our Website and of every user’s experience of using it – hence the term “performance cookies”. You are also welcome to learn more by reading our Privacy Policy.
  2. Website users cannot be spied-upon through these cookies. As detailed above, these are just performance cookies that let us track the use of the Website and hold neither any personal nor even any identifying data.

D. Cookies: Your consent

  1. By using our Website you consent to it downloading these cookies to your computer and accessing them, as described above.
  2. Your privacy is in no way threatened by these cookies since they gather no personal information. By allowing us to use these cookies you are letting us give you a service through our Website that is as good as we can make it for you. Withholding your agreement to these cookies could result in some aspects of the Website not working properly or as they are meant to.
  3. Some aspects of this Website are deemed to be strictly necessary within the law and depend upon these cookies in order to work properly. Although your permission is not sought for these particular cookies, you could still disable them through the settings on your web browser.

E. Cookies: Enabling and Disabling

Your web browser is normally set to accept cookies but you can enable or disable cookies through its settings, further information about which may be found through the help section in your browser’s menu.

Disabling cookies may leave you without access to all of the products and services normally offered by the Website, however, and deleting any cookies may destroy information that allows quicker access to the Website. Your browser can also be set to let you know whenever it is presented with a cookie, so that you may allow or deny each one as it arises.

We advise that your Internet browser be kept up-to-date and, if you do not understand how to adjust its privacy settings, that you review all help that is on offer from its developer.

More information about cookies can be found here: